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A monad once told me a lovestory / Seismograph of the ego-dissoziation VI

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series of 14 drawings on paper, ink

Seismograph of the ego-dissoziation.
The head as representative of the human consciousness, as a unit of the monad, is in constant connection through the spine, with the human pelvis, the receptacle of all worldly, the second part of consciousness, the worldly, the flesh.
The monad is the minimum arithmetic unit, the point the minimum geometric unit. Nevertheless, a circle is fragile, a point is massive.
Monads are living mirrors of the universe. As the monad’s secondary matter, we are pure phenomena, finite, serving as a shell. Because even if this ethereal shell can be destroyed, the soul as the mathematical centre, always remains. A fundamental fluid. Thus this soul , as the centre of the monad, is infinite. It is in constant interaction with itself, from point to circle, between body and soul and soul and the outer world, the mass outside the circle.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 20,9 × 14,8 cm

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