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Thomas Hitchcock

Untitled (luuuuure)

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Enamel, Schwarzlot, and Platinum on mouth-blown antique glass, led, steel, rubber, approx. 80×60×0,6cm.
The omnipresent power of attraction that emanates from artistic work is woven into a complex politic of viewing, accompanied by a considerable amount of temptation/danger of losing oneself in the objects. The transition from bait to the baited is fluid. The series of works Untitled (luuuuure) refers directly to the relation between an art piece and its viewer. With the usage of a highly aestheticized formal language and the depiction
of figurative elements related to the history of painting, the works attempt to open up the question about the potentiality of the exhibition situation within an art production geared towards market-relevant luxury objects.
Year: 2021

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