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Never At Home promotes art and culture by activating empty spaces for temporary artistic use – formerly located in an empty school building and now moving to a vacant office space in the heart of Vienna.

Through studio spaces, exhibitions and events Never At Home becomes a platform for contemporary artistic positions. Our goal is to collectively support creative potential, expand connections and strengthen the artistic community.

Never At Home rethinks the concept of display. We do not operate in white-cubes, but transform vacant properties into spaces for artistic creation and discussion.

Through a collaboration with MEGAWORLD.XYZ the available space at Parallel Vienna 2022 is being extended by the virtual. Following the concept of the MEGAWORLD.XYZ FESTIVAL, which combines green screen and 360° streaming, a group of selected artists experiment in the extended digital space.

Never At Home is displaying analog works by Julian Lee-Harather, Albin Bergström, and Alina Sokolova. They are present as well in the digital space created by MEGAWORLD.XYZ, thus breaking the boundary between virtual reality and reality.


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