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Klimentina Milenova


Product Description

SKINS.II is an interactive visual novel researching the controversies of today’s human interdependencies with technologies. It aims to reveal poetic research on the multidimensional notions of skin in the phygital* world, to uncover the intertwined and complex relationships between the concepts discovered. The foundations of our virtual selves are questioned. The project is done in collaboration with multiple A.I. systems to demonstrate the limitation of information definition such systems tend to have, resulting in reinforcement of biases. What does it mean to have skin in the virtual? The aim is to question the political prejudice behind the concept of skin and the following aspects of A.I. algorithms mirroring such actions. Humans create the algorithmic realm of computer- and network-supported data and information, including the conveyance of unconscious biases. What happens when we step into the virtual world or the Metaverse? Are our social media profiles acting as a passport to this realm? What would be your skin if you could be anyone in the digital world. How can you prove to me that you are not a robot?
Year: 2022

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