Kilian & Kilian

Nymphs in the oil spill bath with unicorn

Product Description

“Nymphs in the Oil Spill Bathing with Unicorn” sarcastically deals with the looming end of the
world, with an oil spill that not only swallows mankind but even their myths, fairy tales and
Kilian & Kilian messed up Barbie dolls. Plastic dolls, made of oil.
The title and the work refer to well-known works from art history, but place them in a
contemporary context. The idyll is over.
The work not only refers to the numerous oil spills every year, but also to climate change, which is
driven by fossil fuels and which homo sapiens will soon eliminate.
The work stems from a large thematic complex by Kilian & Kilian dealing with the Chthulucene
(Donna Haraway) and the Capitalocene, which is elementary in the work of the art collective.
There are discarded media, old toys, etc. processed, recombined and recycled into new
ensembles and installations. Always with the end of the world in mind.

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