Dila Kaplan

Flow (not Ebb): Tracing Monotony and Identity

Product Description

The installation presents looped videos of people engaging in a subtly performative act: a hypnotic repetitive sensation and visual intervention, focusing on the mouth, which delicately releases a thin stream of an element which acts as a metaphor for the rhythmic patterns of self-stimulation, contributing to the regulation of the nervous system. It becomes a visual metaphor for the act of stimming – a self-soothing behavior often exhibited by individuals to regulate their nervous systems – temporal distortion, and the self as an abstract portrait of the human experience, an autobiographical narrative, reflecting personal rituals and tendencies.
The subtle distortion in the looped sequence induces a sense of alienation, allowing viewers to reconsider their own relationship with repetition, time, and self-awareness, evoking contemplation on the ways we harmonize with the world around us.
Year: 2023

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