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Carlos Vergara

Room of Separation

Product Description

As a poetic exploration of memory and isolation, “Room of Separation” embarks on a narrative that embraces the recollections of a safe space—a room where isolation from the environment was priority. By bringing the secluded landscape into the room, the walls of the inner sanctum are metaphorically dismantled to allow the external to engulf the space, fostering a connection—a testament to belonging to everything else on the other side. Parrots and sand emerge as icons of a formerly isolated world, no longer caged or secluded, but reigning over structures once designed for exclusion. This tactile component acts as a bridge from distance to proximity. What once was viewed from the confines of self-inflicted barriers is now intimate and woven closely into the space.

Installation; Steel, UV direct print on aluminium-dibond, sand
Variable dimensions
Year: 2023

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