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Oil on canvas
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Daryoush Asgar & Elisabeth Gabriel studied Art and Philosophy, live and work in Vienna; exhibitions include National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne), Kunsthalle Würth (Schwäbisch Hall), IKOB Musée d’Art Contemporain (Eupen), Torrance Art Museum (Los Angeles), Kunsthal Rotterdam, Kunsthallen Brandts (Odense), Mannheimer Kunstverein, Strabag Kunstforum (Vienna), hilger contemporary (Vienna), Annarumma Gallery (Naples), Mark Moore Gallery (Los Angeles)

Our recent paintings are hybrid creatures, transhumanist portraits, showing surfaces that have become corporeal and flat non-objective bodies, thus liquefying not only historically entrenched visual hierarchies. At a certain point, each of our images turns into a Captcha, a communication vehicle that scans complexities or patterns of perception.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 70 × 50 cm

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