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Centonze Francesca

Burn in

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Sculpture in plasticine and silicon, I phone, cable.

A process done to electronic components prior to regular use to detect failure and
ensure reliability. This is done by running a power supply through the electronics at an
elevated temperature continuously for many hours .

5-10% of online users are unable to control the time they spend on social networks. Brain
scans of these people reveal damage in the same affected areas in the brains of drug
abusers: there is white matter degradation in regions that control emotions, attention and
decision-making processes. The reason for this is the immediate gratification, with little
effort, offered by social media, which causes the brain to develop an addiction to the
stimuli they offer.
The constant use of social media, although an effective tool for communication, has an
impact on our brain and the way we relate.
We watch other people’s lives, we absorb information and phrases, we are distracted.
The naked figurine embraces the phone. On the monitor instagram stories (off line).
The figurine is motionless, it has no dopamine.
Year: 2023

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Dimensions 23 × 20 cm

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