Simone Carneiro

Which NFTs should I buy?

Product Description

NFT, video loop
1920 X 1080 px, 00:16 min.
Image: © the artist
Price upon request
Website: https://www.simonecarneiro.com
Instagram: @simone_778

Simone Carneiro grew up between Tel-Aviv, Brasilia and Vienna. Her research-based polymedia approach combines different working methods, media and technologies, including painting, video, photography, installation, audio-visual performance, as well as old and new printing techniques like lithography, 3D printing and NFT. She studied at the academy of fine arts in Vienna focusing on the extended pictorial space, and her works have been presented in institutional settings and in numerous autonomous art spaces. She lives and works in Vienna.

This work hails from the depths of the electronic realm and stem from technical apparatuses that are currently in a transitional phase mystified as artificial intelligence. The machine is not a mechanical engine, but rather the electronic generator of images and sounds and, in further continuation, the algorithmic, in which all forms of expression converge via the digital matrix. Here the moving image in its temporal nature, is translated back into 3D prints and graphic forms such as printing or even painting

Year: 2021

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