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Raki Nikahetiya

Black Box II

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Instagram: @rakiography

Raki Nikahetiya and his parents left Sri Lanka during times of civil war and moved to Austria. He studied Economics in Vienna and started off as a photojournalist, before joining the United Nations in 2009. He continued his engagement in trade development and environmental conservation in Asia and Africa while living in London before fully focussing on his art practice. He now lives in New Delhi, with close ties to London, Vienna and Colombo.

Nikahetiya’s interdisciplinary work explores identity in the 21st century, through the use of painting, photography, use of artisanal handwork and scientific exploration. As a migrant artist he is interested in interconnectivity and interdependency between different creative realms as an attempt to question our understanding of self and what we accept as reality.

Year: 2022

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Dimensions 250 × 250 cm

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