Neda Nikolić


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Acrylic on wood, 2022

Artist statement

“Hänschen klein
Ging allein
In die weite Welt hinein
Stock und Hut
Stehn ihm gut,
Ist gar wohlgemut.”
Franz Wiedemann

What if you decide to leave everything behind and start a new chapter in life? What
happens if you must leave a place that used to be home? How then to define home
and familiar?
With “In die weite Welt hinein” exhibition project I would try to answer some of these questions.
There is a certainly a moment in life when most of the people go out into the world,
to study, to earn money, to escape a war zone, to pursue happiness. It is impossible
to take everything with you. You can carry a bag, take a family member, but you can’t
take all your belongings.
So, you grab memories. Pictures of childhood events, birthdays, holidays, places you
have seen. Memories get worn out, reduced and what stays are just reminiscences
of familiar objects. You have been on slide, you saw a slide in a park, maybe it has a
different color but it is the same object that you know. You remember a park, favorite
ball, sandpit. There are common places, but each one of us perceive those differently.
That makes them our own personal places.
My playgrounds seem recognizable but are put in apocalyptic settings, somewhere
between reality and a dream. Some situations seem impossible, like stairs to the earth
hole. Those liminal places exist in dreams, thoughts, transition. It is conundrum which
eventually can get resolved.
There is an invitation to experience those places and at the same time a farewell message.
Every open door needs to get closed at one point.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 50 × 60 cm

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