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Carlos Vergara

Untitled #15

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Untitled #15, from Invisibleporn, 2016, Acryl auf Pigment Druck, 20.3 x 26.8 cm © Carlos Vergara

Colombian artist Carlos Vergara’s work forms a kind of in-between space — a transition between analog and digital worlds. He confronts the viewer with a notion of reality and fiction, developing a language that deals with the self and the other, the here and there, the past and the future. He accomplishes this by questioning how we adapt to an ever-changing world in order to materialize the void, absence, and time. The work Invisible Porn (2016), shown with TORN BODIES, references to sexuality as a single and repetitive, non-diversified construct, controlled by an established moral system in which there is little room for queer rhetorics, politics, or expressions. Through the act of censorship, viewers are forced to complete the presented image and physically approach it as a result. In that way, the traces of information hidden behind are revealed and made visible.
Year: 2016

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Dimensions 20,3 × 26,8 cm

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