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Lyonna Lyu

In Reception of None

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Instagram: @lyonnalyu

Lyonna Lyu is a self-taught illustrator and iconographer utilizing NFTs as a preservation tool. In 2020 she began offering her illustrations as prints and later that year pivoted to imbuing her works and culture onto the blockchain. Since entering the metaverse, she has sold over 50 NFTs, majority are 1 of 1s, with pieces held in esteemed custodial vaults such as the Museum of Crypto Art, the Museum of NFT Art, ONE / OFF, the $WHALE Art Vault.

Lyonna Lyu incorporates Eritrean heritage, narratives, and history while reimagining an ancient artistic style into her own. Some pieces are political and social critiques in nature, reflecting our world from an African diasporic lens. In Reception on None was created in remembrance of Eritrean refugees and migrants who lost their lives in desperate attempts to find safety, security, and stability in Europe.
Year: 2021

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