Simona Koch

Menschengeflecht #4 / Nukuoro

Product Description

Coloured threats, wooden box with glass
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Image: © the artist
Website: www.simonakoch.de, www.abiotismus.de
Instagram: @abiotismus

Simona Koch is a German artist in the field of visual arts and artistic research. Her central theme is the investigation of the networks of the living: Where does life come from and where will it go, how are living things interconnected and what is the role of humans in this fabric?

Menschengeflecht #4 stands for the theoretical intermingling and reproduction of an isolated group of people and their bodies from the past and future. Representative of such symbolic places are the Micronesian islands of Nukuoro and Kosare, which were certainly reached and settled by a first generation of humans in the distant past.

Year: 2018

Additional Information

Dimensions 40 × 70 cm

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