Sabine Hilscher


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Sabine Hilscher is interested in the intersection of art, installation, bodywork, performance and costume. In her work “HYPHEMIND” she shows five people in the shape of mushrooms. The artist created the costumes for the music theater production HYPHEMIND in 2022. The humans have become mushrooms with their colorful, fascinating and individual fruiting bodies, showing their ability to build and integrate into diverse and transcultural networks and collectives. Mushrooms serve as models for society. In contrast to humans, mushrooms have no knowledge of any patriarchal, neoliberal, binary, uniform or intolerant forms of organization; they do not build any borders that need to be defended. Nevertheless, fungi form huge mycelium, often stretching for many kilometers, and are successful in symbiotic relationships with their own kind, other fungal species and trees to the advantage of everyone involved. A world in which all interest groups are satisfied must be the goal of a sustainable and peaceful living environment. photo courtesy of Afroditi Festa. www.sabinehilscher.de @sabine_hilscher. “HYPHEMIND”, 50 x 73,50 cm, Fuji Crystal Archive photo print.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 50 × 73,50 cm

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