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Masha Yankovskaya

Passive Aggression (silkscreen print on paper, limited edition of 25)

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Tarot by Yankovskaya is an original series displaying Masha Yankovskaya’s interpretation of the Tarot’s major arcana through 21 unique paintings. In her art, Yankovskaya rethinks the major arcana in the context of modernity, and along the way, raises the eternal themes of being. The Tarot series showcases Yankovskaya s recognisable style, with contemporary minimalism mixed with esoteric symbolism.
Yankovskaya began working on the series in 2020. “Revisualize. Rethink. Redraw. She decided, and that is what she did for the next nine months. The work was completed in March 2021 and soon after the paintings were exhibited, the limited-edition silkscreen prints were launched.
Passive Aggression
This is a warning about illusions. The artwork shows a hand reaching very carefully towards the skull of an animal. The fangs of the skull are smeared with blood and the mouth is open. But the skull cannot bite because it is not alive. Human fear is illusory and illogical. We live in a world of illusions, and sometimes our fears are unfounded.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

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