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Office Visit

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Bernice has studied art in NYC. She is known for her collages and for her papier-mâché dress sculptures. The preoccupation with memories of deceased relatives and friends is a red thread running through her work. Her figures undergo deconstruction and reassembly as an attempt to conserve moments in life and to retrieve and experience them retrospectively. The collage relief shown here has the title “Office Visit” 2013. photo courtesy of Bernice Sokol Kramer. www.bernicesokolkramer.com @bernicesokolkramer. “Office Visit”, 2013, 37,5 x 28,9 x 2,5 cm, collage relief, cut and pasted paper, on board, on clay, ink, acrylic.
Year: 2013

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Dimensions 29 × 37 cm

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