Berkay Tuncay

Poems from Instant Messaging (ASMR)

Product Description

Poems from Instant Messaging (ASMR) (2020) takes its starting point from the artist’s poetry book to be published with the same title. The poems, consisting of longer versions of internet acronyms, are presented in an alphabetical order, imitating the dictionaries for instant messaging abbreviations. In the video, Nynke Norberhuis performs the poems in her own ASMR style. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is basically a tingling sensation experienced in response to a gentle stimulus or sound. Popularized on YouTube and followed by many people, ASMR videos usually consist of relaxing sounds creating tingling sensations such as whispering, unpacking, clicking and haircutting. Tuncay contributes to this popular phenomenon, which emerged against accelerationist working conditions, office life, increasing social anxiety and psychological problems, by having his poems read out loud with ASMR technique. The ASMR video inspired by experimental areas such as found poetry and concrete poetry forms a strong relationship with text, and produces novel meanings by bringing together acronyms that have a significant place in the Internet slang.
Year: 2020

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