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Betonfassade 1

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Bastian Schwind understands photography as something sculptural and architectural. Schwind’s photographic sculptures are created in a way that is as concrete as it is curious: by “thickening” images. The poster sculptures in the “Structural Photography” series are built entirely of surfaces and consist of photographic prints of building materials that are glued one on top of the other until a three-dimensional object is created and the numerous photographs of a surface have exactly the same thickness as the photographed one. The surface as an image carrier becomes a self-supporting image and architectural object. ”Betonfassade” (“Concrete Façade”), which seems to detach itself from the exhibition wall, follows the same principle. Reproduction and the redundant pasting over are practices of photography as well as the poster return to the picture its third dimension in a very material and concrete way.
Year: 2021

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Dimensions 53 × 80 cm

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