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Anna Pelz (Farbmilieu) is an Austrian based artist and has been studying TransArts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She is interested in how the meaning of phenomena and topoi such as paradise, miracles, naturalness, the self-image and the image of women per se change over time. She works with different media and creates installations. For our exhibition she installs “WALK THROUGH MY SYNAPTIC FOREST” consisting of a painting titled “THICKET” a “FUR PAW” and a “TWINGLE TWIG”. photo courtesy of Anna Pelz. @ Bildrecht Wien 2022. www.pelzanna.com @farbmilieu. TWINKLE TWIG, 100 x 40 x 30 cm, twig, lametta, felting wool, sparkling lambskin imitation, bucket, plaster, threaded rod.
Year: 2022

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Dimensions 40 × 100 cm

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